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Dr. Linton Hutchinson
Licensure Exams, Inc.

Web Development, Consulting, and Strategy

I was left high and dry when my IT person changed professions and my provider had upgraded their server leaving much of what I was using for my clients broken and un-usable. I contacted Sean and he worked night and day until my sites were once again up and running. Much of what I do is intensive interactive and require lots of heavy lifting in the background. For the last number of years Sean has been there when I have had special projects that needed to be constructed and modifications to my existing structures. He communicates well and is able to "dumb down" the tecno speak so a end user can understand and have his ideas implemented. When I have had emergencies he has been able to be there keeping my internet company active and in business. Sean not only can translate what you want done to something usable, he also has insight to ways of approaching problems that you would not ever considered.

Awny Khashoggi, President
Unique Option

Web Presence Development & Management

Sean’s services were the first purchase our company made ten years ago. In the course of this time he remained the perfect answer regardless of the nature of the problem. Sean worked on customized and purpose built applications for our company in addition to web and e-mail solutions where his vision, depth of knowledge and variety of experiences made him as an instant think tank. Sean’s flexible and imaginative attitude was also helpful in working with other professionals in team projects. I recommend Sean for his Integrity, Professionalism and Knowledge

Sherry Burklew
Brevard Cultural Alliance

Website Development & Management

Sean has the ability to put into plain English, the complexities of anything web-related. His superior management of many different facets of managing and communicating our web presence, has helped to promote various other organizations in the county, directly or indirectly.

Kyle Quillen
LightSpeed Wireless

Web Development Consultant

Sean helped us complete and move forward with a customer that was at times difficult to deal with and allowed for us to be absent from the process and still get the job done

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  • Social media consulting, set up, maintenance and cross-product syncronization for the most popular platforms:
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    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Twitter
  • Web Design, Development and Management for businesses of all sizes
    • Blogs
    • Commerce
    • Catalogs
  • Intranet & Extranet Development
  • Custom Development and upgrades for existing web-based systems
  • Special Production & Management Services for Web Designers